3 Cost Effective Marketing Strategies During a Pandemic!

Wondering how to handle your business during Covid-19? (Marketing during a pandemic)

– Here are the 3 most cost- effective and powerful marketing strategies that will help you to stay connected with your customer base!

1- Virtual Consultations: Making online consultations and providing customer support is very important during crisis, this can be done via Zoom application , skype, Google meet. The advantage of making these consultations that it will enable you to build a list of people that will contact your business whenever the crisis is ended.

2-Re-marketing: A powerful tool digital marketers know its importance, this tool evolves showing personalized ads to people that already interacted with your business. It is cost- effective !

3- Email Marketing: In the Latest 2 years many thought that email marketing is not anymore important and customers do not prefer it!

In these circumstances, emails has been the most powerful tool to engage with people and turn potential customers into real ones! It is extremely wanted, but messages should support the people and not to convince them to make a purchase decision!

Mariana Saiid – Marketing during a pandemic