To hold attention in 2020, marketers must not only understand their customers but also take care of the digital marketing trends for the year ahead.

In this article we will be discussing the most 5 important trends to watch that they are:

Voice Search, Video Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Personalization and Audio Books,.

  1. Voice Search: This can take the user experience to a totally new level: People can send a voice to search for an image or to conduct a search and get more specific results.

Voice search plays an important role in providing all the relevant information that people are searching for through audio content. AI is getting smarter and the number of errors made by voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google has reduced greatly.

Many brands are already including voice search in their digital marketing strategies to deliver value-based content effectively to their customers. For example Nestle has created a skill that provides voice instructions as you cook.

2. Video Marketing: 80% of businesses said that videos have improved their conversions rate.

To discuss the importance of videos, they make people more confident in online purchase decisions so sharing videos about the brand is a must!

Video is by far the most popular way customers want to learn about new products:

3. Influencer Marketing: Influencers can be well-known celebrities, but more often they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with a huge niche following who can help spread the word about your business or product through their social channels.

There are people who trust nfluencers’ opinions of products much more than what brands say about themselves thats why they do advertise on their platforms.

4. Personalization: If you want to stand out in 2020, you need to personalize your marketing and that means personalized content, products, emails and more.

Take into consideration that 63% of consumers are highly annoyed with generic advertising blasts that pops up showing content they do not prefer to see!

5. Audio Books: Hearing is believing, in the longer term we expect double-digit growth in audiobooks to continue, even if it slows somewhat from 2020’s.

Compared with physical book sales, audio is the baby booming. Some Authors and speakers are even skipping print and writing exclusive audio content.

With these rapidly growing digital marketing trends, there’s no way that your traditional funnel can stay the same. It must evolve. In 2020, the linear funnel will cease to be relevant. In fact, that transition is already underway.